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Geo Excel Split Systems

Geo Excel Split Systems


Split systems can be used in a variety of different applications, and as a “dual fuel” system.

Split systems can be added to an existing air handler or gas/propane furnace, or can be used when the area allotted for mechanical systems is too small to fit a packaged unit. Split systems are the compressor, heat exchanger, and optional hot water generator section of the heat pump. The split system connects to a coil located in an air handler or gas/propane furnace with a standard “line-set” that would normally be used on a conventional air conditioner. Split systems are perfect for dual-fuel, zoned areas, and areas where ductwork is not accessible such as a garage or mechanical room. Dual fuel systems utilize the geothermal system for heating, cooling, and hot water; and depend on an external source for the air coil and back-up heating system such as a gas furnace.

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