Ultravation UVPhotoMAX Whole House UVC Germicidal & Odor Treatment for HVAC System

Indoor Air Quality

Ultravation UVPhotoMAX™ brings the air purification power and performance of our Commercial Indoor Air Quality systems to your home!

UVPhotoMAX is a system with advanced whole house airborne germicidal and odor control capabilities, by incorporating
our advanced ReFresh™ purification process (developed for commercial applications and patented in 2004*). It’s controlled by our Photon Clarifier™ that regulates the unique and adjustable Dual-band UV Emitter™, an Ultravation exclusive!

UVPhotoMAX™ whole house UVC germicidal and odor control treatment for HVAC systems

With UVPhotoMAX™, your “conditioned” air will be better than just more comfortable— it will be healthier to breathe!

UVPhotoMAX installs in your HVAC system to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) by literally decomposing hundreds of everyday odors, and by killing millions of airborne organisms that cause illness, allergic reactions and troublesome mildew, mold and fungus problems.

Makes Your Air Healthier! With the UVPhotoMAX, as air is re-circulated though your HVAC system microrganisms are killed as they pass through the UV-C light in the Dual-Band ReFresh metal oxidation chamber.

Stops Odors! At the heart of each system is the Ultravation ReFresh advanced oxidation photocatalytic reactor/Photon Clarifier. It literally breaks odor molecules into harmless components.